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Is it over? No!! Get ready for the next big wave of Terror Rewards!

November 09, 2020

Thank you MINAR Miners, for all the excitements and bravery facing MINAR “Infectious terror” during the Halloween month! Due to high number of participations, all the Terror Rewards have been claimed in less than a month! We hope with all those rewards, MINAR Miners can use it to keep the spirit up during this pandemic.

But that’s not all, and you Miners will still have a chance! “Infectious terror” event still runs through the month of November, and the next big wave of bigger terror rewards will soon infect the MINAR stones with…. guess what? Twice the number of the prizes!

But do remember that these vouchers are still limited, so go grab it fast while keep staying safe during play (keep washing your hands, wear mask, and keep social distancing).
So, play MINAR now! Mine as many rewards possible this October to November!

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He’s a-LIVE! And his name is Kang Tumin!

September 16, 2020

For you miners who have played our MINAR app for several months would have noticed that there is this character who always stays in the centre of the map, helping your quest to mine the rewards. Some of you may wonder who he is…
Starting this month, allow us to introduce you to a number of programs through our social media channels (@getminar) in platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. In this program, let us introduce to you “Kang Tumin”. Yes! His name is Kang Tumin, a self-proclaimed professional MINAR Miners, he is very excited to share his stories with lots of tips and tricks. Not only stories, we heard that Kang Tumin will also share his MINAR coins in the near future!
So, no time to waste! If you haven’t, go follow or subscribe to our social media now, and Kang Tumin will welcome you in those channels.

For more information on the app,
visit our website at
and download the app at:
• Android: At Google Playstore using the keyword “MINAR”
• IOS beta testing registration: visit
(Follow the instructions to gain access to the IOS version.)

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New vouchers for Jakmania! Grab it fast!

September 03, 2020

PERSIJA has finally started their (new normal) training sessions!
It is such as positive progress and worthy of celebration by all the Jakmanias.

MINAR, still teaming up with PERSIJA Store & JUARA Apparel, continues to support PERSIJA FC by spreading vouchers worth of IDR 50.000,- discount each that can be used directly at, so fans can purchase and get it delivered without the need to visit the offline store. So nothing can stop you to show your generous support towards the team!

This voucher also has a longer expiry date until Q1 next year! Valid for purchase of literallt any PERSIJA official merchandises. But remember! The quantity is limited! So start playing MINAR now, and grab the vouchers fast before they ran out!

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Now, you can register as Minar IOS Beta Tester but still can mine full rewards

September 03, 2020

Finally, this is the day for IOS users to gain access to MINAR Rewards!
Time to rejoice!

MINAR officially opens beta testing for all IOS users, and what you need to do is simply register as one of our beta testers through our official website:,
and your email will then be verified as beta tester and receive a special gift code to redeem special tool and MINAR points to kick start for additional rewards ahead! Limited slots, so register today!

MINAR IOS players may notice several differences with the android version, especially the updated map design which currently can only be found in the IOS version. Several features are currently in progress to be translated from Android to IOS version.

The good news is, even with this beta testing version, you can still participate in the MINAR monthly TOP 20 lucky tickets and win hundred thousands of points! So start your days with mining and end it with all the free rewards to be redeemed.

For more information on the app,
visit our website at
and download the app at :

• Android: At Google Playstore using the keyword “MINAR”
• IOS beta testing registration: visit and follow the instructions to gain access to the IOS version.

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Get Ready! More coins and points to collect each month!

July 25, 2020

Previously in MINAR, you can only get Coins and Points through MINAR stones from variousl
locations with hidden treasure box in it, however sometimes you get it or sometimes other people
manage to get it first, therefore you can only collect Lucky Ticket after mining from that particular

But don’t worry! After collecting these lucky tickets, you can still win lots of coins and points by
becoming the top 20 collectors of lucky tickets!
So keep mining using MINAR app to collect even more coins and points starting next month and use
them to redeem prepaid phone credits (pulsa) and other rewards!

MINAR is the measurable intelligence media that will help directing crowds towards your brand.

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