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MORE! MORE! MORE! New MINAR Reward program Launched ! Now through our Instagram @getminar

June 09, 2020

Responding to such high enthusiasm from all players, Now MINAR miners can get even more rewards through MINAR quiz, games, and giveaway program!
As token of appreciation to those following MINAR social media channel, MINAR has added several ways to reward our loyal Users. Not only that they can receive tips and tricks as well as latest announcements, MINAR Miners can also participate in various interactive quizzes, games, and giveaways this month.
MINAR Quiz is an easy win if you follow and stay up-to-date at our IG Channel @getminar, all you have to do is answer the multiple-choice questions and get in-app rewards right away!Then there is MINAR Game, which you can get even more rewards by participating with the game rules and put comment in the particular post. Get bonus in-app tools that you really wanted for free, and level up your game!

Last but not least is MINAR Giveaway, which gives you a free voucher in each special event by completing various tasks such as take a picture and share it with friends, but this is limited for those who can submit the fastest.
So stay tuned, stay updated, and stay rewarded by following our channel @getminar.

For more information and updates,
visit our website at

Instagram at: @getminar

and download MINAR app at Google Playstore with keyword “MINAR”

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MINAR Special Ramadhan campaign: Extra Rewards for Easy Win!

May 04, 2020

This is an exciting moment during the holy month of Ramadhan, as MINAR once again launch a special event “Sparkling Ramadhan”! Like the name suggested, expect tons of new rewards to give away to Miners as the theme is all about giving a sparks of hope for our valued Players in this Ramadhan, especially during this Pandemic.

MINAR will distribute more green stones across 38 cities to be mined, and this green stones will get even easier to be spotted since MINAR ‘Mines-at-Home’ is still on-going. So with larger radius plus green stones, it is a winning formula for MINAR Miners to hunt rewards even while staying at home.

But that’s not all! For those who want EVEN more, do participate in our Special giveaway which gives a chance for 50 Minar miners to win for Alfamart vouchers for free. Curious to find out more? Simply follow MINAR Instagram at @getminar, and we will post the terms and conditions on how to participate in this giveaway.

So This Ramadhan, dont forget to download Minar App and start mining!

For more information and updates, visit our website at

Instagram at: @getminar and download at Google Playstore with keyword “MINAR”

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"MINAR Mines at Home" campaign received positive responses from players

April 15, 2020

“Staying at home, but still enable players to mine a lot of rewards” becomes such a winning combination following the MINAR Mines-at-Home campaign amid the coronavirus outbreak. Not limited to their living space, MINAR miners have a lot of chances simply by staying safe at home and easily mine a lot of prizes through their MINAR app. On the first day, players can mine with a larger range area enabling MINAR stones to be easily spotted from their residence thus giving such a suprised and positive responses from a number of MINAR miners participating the campaign. Now they are all excited and looking forward for the time safe enough to commute in the near future and redeem the vouchers.So feeling bored is a thing in the past, go download Minar now at Google Play with keyword “MINAR”.  


For more information and updates, visit our Instagram at: @getminar

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April 29, 2019

Grand Sahid Jaya take a leap on an ambitious digital strategy using MINAR mobile application to enhance the digital experience of Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel customers. By using MINAR mobile application, Grand Sahid Jaya will be able to boost its hotel’s restaurants revenue and performance by driving foot traffic either dine in or take away. Equipped with MINAR’s Geolocation and Augmented Reality technology, customers will be able to enjoy accumulating Grand Sahid Hotel restaurants digital discount vouchers in real time. MINAR incorporates the latest uses of new technologies to offer its customers an environment that resembles them. Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel MINAR vouchers will be available from May 2019 in Jakarta and Greater Jakarta regions.

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April 29, 2019

– MINAR aims to benefit the entire Indonesian people.

– MINAR is constantly looking for new partners to increase the in-app feature in providing a variety of rewards to the people across Indonesia.

– MINAR Programme partners include McDonald’s, Electronic City, Alfamart, Desound and Denpoo Electronics.

MINAR has launched its mobile application to 27 cities across Indonesia. The company will enter Indonesia’s major cities such as Surabaya, Medan, Denpasar, Manado, Palembang, Makasar and Balikpapan to name a few starting with a free top up phone credit offerings and McDonald’s vouchers but ultimately aiming to expand its list of offerings that have made it in Greater Jakarta region. 

MINAR’s aim is to partner with merchants to bring benefit to everyone who uses our technology whether consumers looking for a bargain, or merchants looking to increase foot traffic or online traffic alike. GO-JEK has a positive impact on millions of people throughout Indonesia and we want more people to share in that benefit. It is MINAR’s understanding of, and commitment to, Indonesia that will enable MINAR to become the market leader in this specific mobile application category. 

MINAR is the measurable intelligence media that will help directing crowds towards your brand.

Interested to find out more how MINAR can help your brand? Contact us here