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February 04, 2019

(St Julian – Malta) – MINAR is selected by Mediterranean Tourism Forum to present its mobile application technology in St Julian, Malta on 13-15 February 2019 held at the Intercontinental Malta. 

Thousands of virtual coins will be distributed in the churches, historic alleys and buildings, forts, street corners, and various tourist attractions of Malta this week, as WIR, Asia’s leading digital reality company from Indonesia, shows off their creative technology at the Mediterranean Tourism Forum. Delegates will be able to obtain the virtual coins by walking around the Maltese neighbourhoods using the MINAR mobile application. In this Malta-edition of MINAR, the special coins will show the Maltese Cross as the symbol of Malta. The coins can be redeemed daily for special rewards. 

MINAR participation in Mediterranean Tourism Forum directly fits with MINAR’s vision empower every nation’s prosperity. It is form of catalytical digital platform for nation’s development, particularly the tourism industry, which ultimately is an “experience industry”. MINAR mobile application is a cutting-edge concept to provide and reward unique experiences. Local businesses particularly in Malta will join the program to increase actual foot traffic to their establishments. 

MINAR’s objective is to allow Mediterranean tourism sectors to utilize MINAR as a digital platform to communicate sustainable tourism and as a method of deeper engagement with the people by providing a dynamic interactions and engaging on-site experiences through real-time GPS feature, Augmented Reality technology and Rewards Redemption feature in order to make an emotional connection. With this innovative mobile application, MINAR aimed to be the first Indonesian mobile application to enable sustainable tourism by supporting and promoting positive experience for the local people, tourism companies and tourist themselves.

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Mr. Daniel Surya Talks About The Advancement of a Super Smart Tourism Sector in Mediterranean Tourism Forum 2019

February 04, 2019

Mr. Daniel Surya was selected as one of the key note speakers at 6th Mediterranean Tourism Form on 15th of February 2019 at Intercontinental Hotel, Malta. The topic of the discussion was “Advancing towards a super smart tourism sector”. Disruptive forces are re-shaping t he Mediterranean region faster than ever before. Indeed, a new generation of entrepreneurs are creating a perennial gale of new economic forces, producing a new set of winners and losers. During the forum, Mr Daniel Surya discussed the essential of thinking on innovation and address the forces which are transforming the tourism sector today with special reference to MINAR mobile application, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for innovative ways to establish outstanding tourism destination identities. 

Honourable guest attended the event include: H.E Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca (President of Malta), Mr. Konrad Mizzi (Minister of Tourism of Malta), Mr Edmund Barlett (Minister of Tourism of Jamaica), Elena Kountoura (Minister of Tourism of Greece) Mr. Majlind Lazimi (Economic Advisor to the President of Republic of Albania, Princess Dana Firas of Jordan to name a few.

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FORBES: MINAR Distributes Thousands of Virtual Coins at World Economic Forum 2019 in Davos with MINAR mobile application.

January 04, 2019

WIR showcased its latest mobile application in DAVOS and share various topics such as “WIR: Indonesia’s Next Unicorn in Digital Reality” at the Indonesia Pavilion during the World Economic Forum 2019 in Davos. Thousands of delegates from hundreds of countries had the opportunity to play MINAR, searching the streets and slopes for MINAR Coins and redeem attractive prizes at the Indonesian Pavillion, Davos, Switzerland. 

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REPUBLIKA and MINAR Collaboration.

January 03, 2019

Republika, an Indonesian national daily newspaper established since 1992, has signed with MINAR to embrace the new frontier of brand engagement. 

Republika will utilizes MINAR mobile application to place interactive advertising within MINAR’s very own gaming features. 

With MINAR, Republika will be able to engage its target audience accurately using MINAR geo-location technology and increase Republika’s brand awareness across the entire Jakarta and greater Jakarta. 

This is a relevant and important milestone for Republika in refreshing its brand image and engaging the Millennials.

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MINAR Established a Strong Partnership with Infinity Blockchain Ventures to Create a New Online Earning Application.

November 24, 2018

MINAR today announced it has entered into partnership with Asia’s most influential blockchain enabler, Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV), by signing a Partnership Certificate to signify and recognize that both companies agreed to establish a close relationship and collaboration to develop and deploy the next phase of MINAR mobile application features. 

This partnership will help bring MINAR in position to boost its mobile application development in creating MINAR to be the first Indonesian-made mobile gaming online platform that offers blockchain technology as part of its features and offerings. 

MINAR mobile application is developed by AR&CO, one of Indonesian leading Augmented Reality developer, and known in the industry for such products as Augmented Reality based mobile application. “We are very excited to work with Infinity Blockchain Ventures, said Mario Khoe, Managing Director of MINAR. “Teaming up with IBV will enable us to tap in their technology and facilities that can further boost MINAR’s potential to be something more than just a gaming app and set MINAR’s direction into a new breed of mobile application that disrupts the gaming industry globally.” MINAR aims to achieve 100.000 downloaders in 2019. 

This partnership reflects both companies desire to collaborate with companies that share their vision of creating a disruptive technology that changes people’s perception on an online earning platform. MINAR is a breakthrough technology because it will disrupt the people’s online earning experience by allowing it to be an alternative source of income through an Augmented Reality gaming application. “This partnership is also ideal as it allows IBV to penetrate into Indonesian market and utilizes MINAR as a platform to communicate its product and services in deploying the future-proof technology of blockchain.” Said Nicole Nguyen, Head of Asia Pacific, Infinity Blockchain Ventures. 

MINAR is free to play, with loads of fun things to do and treasures to discover. Available now for download on Google Play.. Available now for download on Google Play.

MINAR is the measurable intelligence media that will help directing crowds towards your brand.

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